Radical Arts is an artistic endeavor promoting acceptance and equality that will further promote the enjoyment of and participation in the arts, primarily focusing on theatrical plays and musicals. It is our mission to bring the arts to the community in a positive, enlightening, and educational way.

Radical Arts is determined to find, promote, and produce the artistic elements that are overlooked in Murfreesboro’s rich community.  We are close to announcing a theatrical season that will expose Murfreesboro to a unique genre of theatre.  We will challenge the mind.  We will affect the heart.  We will make you laugh.  We will make you say, “What the fuck was that?”  By focusing on the unknown and the underrepresented, a new and exciting world of theatre will open up to adults and youth alike.

Radical Arts will soon be developing its youth program targeting the underprivileged and those who lack access to art programs and education.  From puppet theatre to educational opportunities, Radical Arts will take the arts to the youth!

Our focus doesn’t start and end with theatre, rather it will branch out into all elements of art.  Music, poetry, and community art projects are all in the future for Murfreesboro.  Radical Arts is not only a theatre, we will be an artistic force that will excite and expand the artistic soul.